ServicePlace seeks to create services in currently under-served areas using technology to connect the people we serve – using a holistic method to extend compassion and awareness.


ServicePlace is incorporated as a non-profit, and we work synergistically with donors, volunteers, and for-profit companies (as needed), under the ServicePlace umbrella to provide consistent compassionate service.


The three starting areas of service envisioned for ServicePlace are:

A. Life-saving Health/Medical Services and Training, in the US and internationally.

B. Preservation/Education through documentaries and re-enactments of Vanishing Cultures (SPICH - Society for Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritages)

C. Elder Care through virtual and real community building.



1. Identify under-served areas in our communities (local & global) and put in place new Information Technology enabled pathways for service and support.

2. Establish a strong community of people served, initiative owners, mentors, volunteers, sponsors, service companies, suppliers, etc. to best serve these areas.

3. Implement a flexible structure which empowers the constituents we serve to participate in need fulfillment.

4. Put in place the framework to allow all the involved entities (see #2) to perform their work; with pervasive compassion and minimal conflict of interest under the non-profit umbrella.


Health and Medical Education


Since 2015, we have promoted CPR health education efforts by providing sensor equipped CPR manikins, and putting together video instruction for a new kind of CPR that is easier to learn and more effective than traditional CPR - called Continuous Chest Compression CPR. We have worked closely with Dr. Tapas Mondal (a Pediatric Cardiologist) and Celtic Systems (a software systems company) to put out a range of products - which eventually led to the creation of the ServicePlace non-profit organization.


Dr. Tapas Mondal, receiving recognition for a CPR training event in 2016Conducting CPR training session - at BCAA Saraswato Puja in 2016.CPR Android App developed by Celtic.3 - 3<>



Society for Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritages (SPICH)


In our debut documentary, Broto Alponas - Finger Painted Messages to the Gods, we explore the art and symbols of the ancient art of Broto Aplonas - practiced by the women of rural Bengal (India). The context is the life of a typical village girl, who starts practicing these Alponas at an early age (4 years), and we see how the art and the ceremonials themselves transform as she matures and grows up, and then  progresses through the stages of her life. This effort was started under the Intrinz organization, but will be continued going forward under the ServicePlace umbrella.


A link to the Broto Alpona Trailer is shown below:

ServicePlace - The New Economics derived from the S2 Model


In the highly competitive marketplace, we are taught to buy low and sell high. This shopkeeper mentality today permeates our human thinking - in business and in life. It is important to understand that this is only one side of the picture. To envision the reverse flow, let us coin the term ‘ServicePlace’ - which contrasts with the ‘Markeplace’ of today’s economic activity.


The Marketplace has rules of behavior, and so does the ServicePlace. In ServicePlace economics we don't 'Buy Low, Sell High' but instead 'Receive Less, Give More.' We don't seek scarcity to drive up profits, we seek abundance to drive up need fulfillment.


The S2 model upon which the ServicePlace construct is based is the core organizing principle for the self directed evolution of our human civilization in a cosmic context.


Our four main stakeholders for a ServicePlace transaction (need fulfillment) would be:

   A - the entity with an identified need (Requester)

   B - the entity(ies) with the technology and manpower to supply the ingredients, (Supplier)

   C - the entity with the resources to finance the transaction. (Sponsor), and

   D - the entity with the time and influence to ensure that the overall solution is best for the environment, and serves the greater common good. (Mentor)




Marketplace Transaction Flow                 ServicePlace Transaction Flow



For more information on the S2 model, please see the SP Philosophy page (link on top right).


If you would like to participate in the research on usage models and devices for the Elder Care project, please contact:



































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