Elder Care through virtual and real community building.


How can we make life a little easier for our elders? Major breakthroughs in how people (especially elders) interface with technology is in the offing, including speech recognition and visual presence detection. ServicePlace is a non-profit organization with a strong emphasis on elder care, and we are looking at enabling easy access to a range of necessities for elders, including:


1. Safety and Security. Environment monitoring and presence detection to promote the safety and security of elders.


2. Food and Hygiene. Proper nutrition and general well being can be monitored and enhanced.


3. Health and Medical. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of elder-care is in this area. From reminders for medication to keeping track of monitoring devices, the potential here is tremendous.


4. Family and Community. Loneliness is often a big part of being elderly and infirm. With the help of advanced presence detection and natural interfaces (like speech) we hope to build a virtual community that the elderly can always feel connected to. This would include family members, who in their busy lives would still like to communicate easily and stay connected with the elders.


During 2017, in conjunction with the Arizona State University (ASU) capstone project, 10 people were trained in the Ladder Method on how to do requirements gathering in a 1:1 basis with elders.  Currently, we are in the process of recruiting several senior care organizations so that we can approach their senior and begin the requirements collection process. The initial survey instrument has been drawn up and is being streamlined based on the feedback previously received.


We are in the initial collaboration discussions with Celtic Systems for taking the elder care system porotypes and converting them into deployable, scalable, supportable products. Once the collaboration agreement has been worked out, it will be presented to the board for review and approval.


In 2018, we will be building a video demo using the use-cases that our ASU team comes up with for use in the second phase of the requirement gathering (product refinements). The project goal for the ASU team will be to have a prototype created and available for testing by the end of the year.


If you would like to participate in the research on usage models and devices for the Elder Care project, please contact: info@serviceplace.org































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