Society for Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritages (SPICH)

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Why choose SPICH?


Society for Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritages (SPICH) is a global team of passionate volunteers with access to the latest technology, a network of indigenous content experts, seed funding, and a proven ability to deliver. SPICH is also well recognized with awards for the quality of our work.


Why contribute NOW?


Practitioners of these fading cultural heritages are few and far between. They must be recorded while we can still record authentic stories and demonstrations. The time to act is now!


How can YOU help?


• Be a sponsor or donor

• Volunteer your time as a cultural expert

• Participate in promotions & marketing to educational institutions, libraries, museums etc.

• Help us with media &  communications



Awards and Press for Broto Alpona documentary film


• Kolkata International Film Festival screening, Kolkata, India

• Chandler International Film Festival, Chandler, AZ, USA

• Online International Film Festival

• Newspaper: Ebela, Bortoman, Aajkaal, Ananda Bazar Online

































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Each time a cultural artifact is lost, we lose an irreplaceable and exquisite way of being; a strand of culture is frayed